Tuesday 19 November 2013

What a great day we are having. Our plants in the garden will sure be growing with this sun.

Only 3 days to go till camp.

You will need to bring :
Foam mattress or sleeping mat
Sleeping bag
2 changes of underwear
2 towels
2 plastic bags
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Shorts and t shirt x 2 of each
Jeans or track pants for the night time
Sneakers or covered shoes
Wet weather raincoat
Sun Hat !!!!!!!!!!!
reading book
Water bottle !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is very hot at the moment so please bring your hat a water bottle. It is important that we stay hydrated.
If you can not bring any of these items please let Mrs Tollestrup know.

Happy Camping

Here is us practicing camping and and exploring some camping ideas

Making a camping rescue box.
Making a tent in class. Hali-Jay had so much fun laughing with Kharlin making funny faces. 
They played games and sun songs in their tent. Well Done Kiwis ! you made a great tent! 

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