Wednesday 23 October 2013

WOW what an exciting day we have had!
This week we have been focusing on the story of the Ginger Bread Man for writing.
First we read the story and got to know the characters more. Then on Monday we made the dough and cut out the shapes, then we popped them in the oven to cook. Today we got to decorate them using 100's and 1000's, raisins and icing sugar. Take a look at our designs.


  1. Wow your gingerbread men look amazing, I hope they tasted delicious

  2. How absolutely wonderful! Clever kids!

  3. Hello Year 3/4 Students! My name is Mrs. Neilson and I am a Year 3/4 teacher in Canada (who used to live in Auckland, New Zealand). What scrumptious-looking gingerbread people you created! We had our first snowfall of the season yesterday, and it's making me want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and one of your tasty creations! Hope you have a wonderful day! Love from Mrs. Neilson