Sunday 24 November 2013

What a great camp!
We had camp teams and games on the first day before we headed of to the pools for a well deserved swim. It was really cool to come back to school to have no one else there. We felt pretty special.
After that we played some more games and had a bit of free time on the playgrounds and sandpit.
Then we had dinner and we ate all our vegetables before we devoured some jelly. Finally it was time for PJ's and supper. We watched a movie and slowly everyone fell asleep. Mr O'Connor snored sooooo loudly !!!!! I'm surprised we slept at all. On Friday we took a trip to Easten beach and had a lot of fun playing and relaxing in the sun. Thank you to all the parent help, you were amazing.
I hope you all had a great sleep on Friday night. I was asleep by 7.30 I was so tired from camp.
Have a look at the awesome time we had and memories made below. See you all tomorrow _- Mrs Tolly

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