Wednesday 21 August 2013

Today Jim was under our classroom and found a totally awesome rusty old tin. At first we did not know what it was but we looked closer and found it was a time capsule from 1953 Room 16. Wow!!!
We could not open it as it was to rusty but we asked Jim to see if he had some special tools to crack into it. We were really excited and cant wait for tomorrow to find out what is inside.

We will pull one thing our each day and post it on our blog to show you. AWWW so exciting.

                                                          The Rusty Old Time Capsule

1 comment:

  1. That time capsule must have a lot of Past Knowledge in it!

    I'm very keen to find out what's inside. Did you make predictions about what you thought would be in it? My prediction would be that there were some newspaper articles from 1953. I wonder if I'm right?

    I have so many questions about it, did you have lots of questions when you first saw it? I might have to come and visit you next week and see what you've been writing about your time capsule.