Tuesday 6 August 2013

Today we got a letter from the Lorax.
He told us some steps to plant a tree.

"I can't wait till tomorrow to see what will happen" said Andreayos . "I wonder if the Lorax comes again" said Hali-Jay.We hope he does. We wrote a recount about what has happened so far.
Take a look at our exciting day with the lorax.

Here is the letter from the Lorax
It gave us the instructions and chant. We were so surprised the Lorax came at Morning Tea. 
First we ruled up the space to what the Lorax said.
Then we watered it
Then we put in the tablets that help prepare the soil.
Then we did the chant

                      Then we came back to class and wrote a recount on what we did for the Lorax King

                                                  Here is Harrieta with her awesome recount.

We can't wait to see what happens tomorrow. 

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