Monday 29 July 2013

Hello Whanau and welcome back today.

What a fantastic day we had. First we got a new friend Keshia who is year 3. How lucky are we. We also have to welcome out new fish Spot. Our old one had TS and was very unwell, He did not make it through the holidays. We had a small goodbye for him this morning.
We got all the pieces on Mr Potato Head today, we were so happy to achieve this. We have to word so hard all day to get all 8 pieces on. WOW moment!

This term is going to be so busy soaring to success so stay tuned to see what we do.

Check out our day
YAY Mr Potato Head

                                                Our new friend Spot
                                                  This is a photo from our assembly last term

Creative Kiwis Soar to Success !

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  1. Wow! Creative Kiwis, I love your Mr Potato head! How is spot doing? I hope you're teaching him all about the HOMs.